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第26回 [2016年9月12日]
英語科 Tracy Joyce Abes アベス・トレイシ・ジョイス
Tracy Joyce Abes

Greetings! I'm Tracy Joyce Abes, also called 'Tenten' by my students and co-teachers.
It's been a year since I joined Kashima Gakuen. Aside from teaching the regular English class, I've also been tasked to take charge of the Global Course Program, a special English course designed to create future leaders.
Teaching can be fun, but it has its challenges as well. Each class is faced with its own struggles but with the right motivation and activities, one can rise above the situation. I've always been optimistic and often energized by the interaction with students, as I also learn from them. Every class is unique so there's always something new to look forward to.
I believe that learning a new language is a skill that should be developed by constant use. So as a teacher and mentor, I will continue to give my best to inspire, encourage and motivate the students.
At Kashima Gakuen, we will equip, develop and hone the students' English language skills so that they will be ready when they set foot in the real world!

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
-- Frank Smith

こんにちは! 鹿島学園のアベス・トレイシ・ジョイスと申します。 先生方と生徒には「テンテン」と呼ばれています。